Can a Cell Phones Improve Your Credit? Alternate Ways to Improve Your Credit Scores

In this article we will answer the question can cell phones improve your credit and also give you other useful tips to boost your FICO scores? link building services

Many people think that if they get a new cell phone account or a pre paid cell phone account and pay it on time that it will report to their credit and give their credit scores a boost. Sadly this is not the case and the only time these companies generally report to the bureaus is when they are reporting you late.

But if you want an account that is easy to get, will help you build a credit history and also improve your scores when used properly then you need to look at the secured credit card.

This type of credit card is simple to receive because you deposit the amount of the accounts limit in cash with the lender, so if you default they are protected. information technology service provider

These cards report exactly the same as a non secured account and in most cases once you have paid on time for 6 months or so the companies often will upgrade you to a low limit unsecured account and give you your initial deposit back.

If you decide to go this route just follow a few simple rules and your secured card will help you achieve your credit goals. Alfao

Tips For Using Your Credit Wisely

1. Do not max out the account or take the balance past 50% of the limit.

2. Do not pay late, a few days is OK but never pay 30 days late or the card can be can celled and your  scores will drop.

3. Do not get greedy and apply for a bunch of accounts once your scores increase, this can drop your score and temp you to over spend! Cellboost.


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