The Book of Job – Discover Three Ways to Handle Tough Times in Your Life From a Man Down on His Luck

The book of Job is the story of a man who had it all, and then lost it faster than he could ever imagine. Job had a thriving livestock business; a wonderful family; and excellent health. What was more he had faith and trust in God who counted Job as his most faithful and loyal servants. boccaccioravello

On one of the occasions God allowed Satan to speak with Him, God praised Job, His faithful and loyal servant. The Devil charged that Job’s faithfulness and loyalty were based only on the blessings he received from God and that if his wealth, health, and prosperity were taken away, Job would turn from God who hearing this challenged the Devil to prove his accusation.

God allowed Job’s faith to be tested. He allowed Satan to bring disaster, tragedy, pain, and sorrow into Job’s life. God allowed the devil to do anything to Job except to take Job’s life.

Satan set out on his mission. Job lost his livestock in a single calamity; his entire herd was killed and made worthless; his sons and daughters were killed and he was left childless; he was stricken with boils all over his body and after everything he endured, his wife suggested that he should curse God and die. coloradoskihome

But in the end, Job remained loyal, and faithful, and never once accused God for any of his misfortune. God rewarded Job, by increasing his wealth, his health, and his prosperity. Job was left with more wealth, prosperity, and good health, than he had before God allowed Satan to attack him. The devil failed to change Job’s attitude towards God.

If you have not read the book of Job, which is in the Old Testament part of the Bible, it would be in your best interest to read how a man of faith responded to calamity, tragedy, and loss. Here are three tips you can learn from Job that you can apply in your life when you feel like you are under attack:


  1. Have and keep faith in God. Discouragement is our enemy. The Devil thought that if he could discourage Job that he would turn away from God, but even when Job did not understand why disaster occurred in his life, he knew that God was still in control. No matter what pain or heartache you suffer, realize that God gives you strength to endure.
  2. Do not count on your friends to pull you out of your depression. Job’s friends believed Job had committed a major sin and was experiencing God’s wrath. Job’s friends believed he was being punished by God. They had no idea that God was allowing Job’s faith to be tested. Friends are wonderful, but there are times when we can only trust God, and not our well meaning friends.
  3. Suffering through pain and sorrow for the sake of our faith in God, will always pay off. God wants us to make Him the focus and center of our life. Job learned that it is not the size of our problems that matters; it is how we react to our problems that is most important. God wants you to put all your faith and trust in Him and Him alone. God rewarded Job after Job’s trials and tribulations because he continued to trust God no matter what calamity he suffered. Focus on God, and not your problems and your faith will grow and God will bless you. For more info please visit these sites :-





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