How to Make Her Desire You – What Works For Me

You meet an attractive woman and you pursue her, but she eludes you. You loose the game. What you need is a strategy. Better yet, a strategy I’ve proven myself. If you want to know how to make her desire you, you’re in the right place. Before you finish reading this page, you’ll know exactly how to have a beautiful woman eager to go out with you. This works.

Step 1: Establish Your Value
The very fact that you want to “make her” desire you suggests you have fears that women don’t desire you. Such lacking of self-confidence alone is a turn-off. So before you do anything with her, you need to get your act together a bit.

The best fix for that is to have a “thing”. The best thing is an activity-not dating– that you genuinely enjoy doing and can establish some sort of social reputation for being good at. Most any “thing” beats nothing, but certain things hold more social esteem-translation female appeal-than others. Musicians seem to be at the top of the list here. After that, think of artists (anybody can be an artist-of some kind), writers (published is best, but blogging beats nothing), filmmakers (something beyond YouTube, preferably), and after that pretty much anything more conversation-worthy than “accountant” or “sales rep” will do. It doesn’t have to be a job. A hobby or even just becoming really knowledgeable about something can do the job. More entertaining or social things work best. Geekier things, not so much.

That’s plan A. If creative pursuits totally elude you, be a guy who knows people in something creative and is familiar with the scene. Even roadies have an appeal to groupies. But try to look your best and have an interesting pursuit in life beyond dating. As I often say, the best way to appeal to the opposite sex is by having self-confidence and being the best version of yourself you can be. This all may sound like a big effort, but in a pinch, you can establish some connections within a single evening at a party if you meet the right people.

Step 2: Show Limited Interest
Now that you have value, it’s time to show it off to the right person. If you’ve established a “thing” or connections, she’ll no doubt pick up that without you saying anything. What you have to do now is let her know you have an interest in her, but also that you are not just another member of the adoring herd. This works best on very attractive women. Less glamorous women are more fragile, so go easy on them. women power

The way this is done is to first give her a solid and significant compliment. I don’t mean a common compliment– but something with more meaning that she’ll have to think about. Your words need to be tailored to the situation, but an example might be something like, ” I saw you across the room when I walked in and it occurred to me that you have the face of a fairy princess with the eyes of a shaman.”

Don’t stop with that, though. Your next words are equally important. You want to sock her with a surprise rejection, albeit a qualified one. It might be something like, “I’ve always had a great passion for women like you, but I find bright professional women never seem to have enough time for the kind of attention I like to give.” This statement actually complements her, makes you more appealing and rejects her all at once. Then– and this equally important– walk away before she can respond. Talk to other people, go do your “thing” or whatever. Keep an eye on her in your peripheral vision such that she doesn’t realize you’re watching. If all goes well, she will look at you now and then. After she looks 2 or 3 times, give her a look back, then go about what you were doing. Do not– I repeat– do not get eager and go scampering over like a puppy dog.


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