Insider Talk Fusion Review – Do Your Due Diligence Before You Decide To Join

alk Fusion is basically the product of frustration when, back in 2004, Bob Reina wanted to send a video email to his friends. The existing technology at that time made this impossible. fusionblog

Bob wanted to make it possible and so with the help of his friend, was able to create the Video Email Product in 2007, and the world took notice. The company’s products are now used in over 85 countries. Recently, it has been named one of the top 10 largest providers of internet video content worldwide.

This Talk Fusion review aims to find out just what made this company the success it is today.

The company offers several products for video email, video conferencing, video share, video blog, fusion wall, video responders, live broadcasting, and social networking. The point and click technology, coupled with their personal or business templates, makes it easy even for the inexperienced to use their products.

But the company’s vision does not stop with just creating outstanding products. It also aims to provide income opportunities for others with their products as tools.

A Talk Fusion review shows just what and how associates can expect to earn and gain from this company. The company prefers to call it relationship marketing and one can make money by selling its personal and business communication products that do away with download or attachments. omegawriter

The advantage of their products is that they are products that currently have no competitions and they are not found in any stores. Another good point is that the company offers something that can be used and marketed globally. Unlike other companies who offer products that can only be used and purchased within certain regions, Talk Fusion’s products are products that can be of great use to individuals and businesses all around the globe.

Another positive in this Talk Fusion review is the instant pay feature where one can instantly get paid for his efforts without waiting for week’s end or month’s end unlike in all other companies.

Associates start off by paying a $250 joining fee and a $35 monthly fee. One earns a commission of $20 to $60 for each product that he is able to sell which is instantly loaded to his debit card. There are also bonuses depending on the level one is able to achieve like a 1% commission on total global sales. The company’s latest incentive for its associates is a brand new Silver Mercedes Benz.

Talk Fusion offers an appealing and very unique business opportunity. But it also admits that like with other network marketing opportunities, a product can sell itself but it is the associate’s effort to convince, especially the uninitiated, on what differentiates its products from, say, You Tube or Skype that offer some of the same services for free. For more info please visit these sites :-

The long and short of it is personalized and customized service. Based on this Talk Fusion review, the company offer products that can be made to tailor-fit a certain business need. Content that is meant to be shared on a personal or business level and not on a public scope. And that is what makes it different and what sets it apart.


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