Website 101 – How Do I Build a New Website For My Business?

Congratulations! Recognizing that your business could benefit from a website is the first step in becoming a successful business operator. Now that you have made that important decision you are undoubtedly asking yourself, How do I build my own website? Well, as overwhelming as it may seem, it is really quite simple and can best be explained in 5 easy steps. The steps are domain registration, setting up a hosting account, installing a blogging platform, inputting content, and site promotion. If you follow these 5 steps you are on your way to having a successful website to assist your booming business. Good luck. Webdesign

The first step is registering a domain name. This is a very important process as it is the main thing that will set your site apart from the rest. The domain name can help to establish name recognition or in some cases brand development. If your business is a new business and you want people to start to recognize your company name then your domain name needs to match your company name. Likewise, if your company has a main website but has recently developed a particular product or is now offering a new service then a domain name describing that service or product is a great way to help to establish brand recognition. For example Dole may have their company website as, this is merely an example. Then let’s say Dole creates a new line of mango yogurt called MangoGurt. To get the word out on the new product, Dole may register a website called and develop a marketing campaign around that one product and website. So a website can be a great marketing tool and the domain name plays a very important role.

The second step to building your own website is setting up a hosting account. This can be done easily enough through any one of hundred hosting providers on the internet. Once you locate who you want to use, simply register with them and purchase a small to medium-sized hosting account. You can always upgrade to a larger hosting account later if need be. Once you have a hosting account, you have, in essence, purchased your virtual real estate and the property is ready for the building, which is your website, which leads us to the third step. สล็อตpgเว็บตรง

The third step in building your own business website is to install a blogging platform to your hosting account. This will serve as your website. Most blogging softwares have the ability to plugin all sorts of additional features allowing your site to do some pretty amazing things. A few examples are things like the ability to capture leads and forward the info to your email address or cell phone once the potential customer fills out a form on your site or the ability to monetize your site by adding Google Adsense. You can even install a shopping cart on your website. The most versatile blogging platform available is . This amazing open source blogging software is completely free of charge and easy to manage. Once you have your hosting account, visit WordPress or another blogging software provider and install it to your hosting account.

The fourth step is to enter in the content that you want to have on your website. You will need to write as much information as you want your customers to know and organize it in a way that you can enter the information into appropriate categories that you set up on your blog. Additionally, you will want to collect or take any pictures of staff, products, past work, etc. that you may want to feature or display on your website. Once you have accumulated all of that information you are ready to enter the data into your blog. You will start by creating the categories, creating the pages, then finally entering in the posts. The difference between the pages and the posts are that the pages are static pages in your site, pages like About Us, Contact Us, Our Services, Our Products, etc. pages that don’t change. Posts are articles or information that you add daily to your site on whatever topic you feel like writing about. For example you could do a daily post with each new special your company runs. Use the text that you wrote earlier and the pictures you collected to fill in the pages and create posts thereby fully populating your website.  mobile-casino

The fifth and final step is to let everybody know you are online and ready for business. You can do this first by submitting your website to the main search engines like Yahoo and Google. During each submission process you will be asked most of the same bits of information. Questions like: Link, Description of Site, Products Sold, Services Offered, Business Type, Size and Industry. It is a good idea to start a word document with all of the information you might need so you can cut, copy, and paste as you go along. Once you have submitted to the bigger search engines, you want to get listed on the smaller ones as well. Smaller search engines like Excite, Dogpile and Bling also get your traffic results. Once you are done submitting to the search engines you will also want to register your site with as many directories as possible. Also write articles about your website and put links in the articles that link back to your site and then find places on the internet like that will let you post your article. Get the word out about your site and traffic will start to generate increasing your sales potential.

That’s it, in five easy steps you go from no internet presence at all to having a fully operational, search-engine optimiz


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