How to Save Money With Carnival Cruise Secrets

Learn how my carnival cruise secrets can save you money. I have been going on cruises for over 10 years now and I have learned a lot of secrets through that time. Below you will see my top 3 carnival cruise secrets that have helped me save thousands over the years. cruise booking

The first of three carnival cruise secrets that can save you some money is to make sure you have packed correctly. This is a very basic tips that applies to any cruise, but you always want to make sure you take some medication such as Advil, Pepto-Bismol, etc. If you get sea sick make you take some medicine for sea sickness as well. I would recommend Dramamine. This seems like a basic tip, but you will be surprised how many people don’t pack these things and end up buying them on the cruise. theprerollguys

The second of three carnival cruise secrets is not to book your excursions with the ship. If you do not book with the cruise line you will end up saving money. For example, when I went to Atlantis the ship was selling a day pass to all their amenities for $150. There were 5 of us, so this would be a total of $750. Instead we took a taxi to the actual resort and ended up buying the passes directly from the hotel. We ended up paying $110 per person. This is a savings of $40 per person and $200 for the group of 5. This is one of my favorite carnival cruise secrets, as it has helped me save a lot of money. meridianshrooms

The last of the carnival cruise secrets is that you can save money on you cabin by doing a little research before you book. There are many cruise booking sites and most of them are cheaper than actually buying them directly from carnival. Many of these booking sites will also include free cabin upgrades, free onboard vouchers, and many other specials. I have even seen cruises at 80% off the regular price. Remember that cruises need to get filled up, so if they are not filed up they will reduce the price to attract more people. universalblogs

These carnival cruise secrets are sure to save you a few dollars, but there are many more available that can help you save thousands and even make you next cruise more enjoyable. Some of these carnival cruise secrets include how to get free drinks onboard, how to attend VIP events, how to get a cruise vacation for free, slot gator how to save on airfare, etc.


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