Don’t Blow Your Marketing Budget by Doing These Things

Don’t Buy on Looks Alone

If you are heading to a convention or trade show, your booth is a significant and worthwhile investment, but you need to choose your materials with care. Specialty finishes and processes can call attention to your booth, but a little goes a long way; invest in one or two “wow” features, but make sure you are not overspending on bling when more basic materials will do the job. Some products and supplies hold up better than others, and buying based on looks alone could end up costing you in the long run. techpiled

Don’t Overlook Ancillary Costs

Your booth and setup is more than just a pile of materials; it will need to be crated and shipped to every show you attend. From packing and freight to onsite labor costs, failing to calculate the true cost of exhibiting can destroy your marketing budget. A single show could eat up your marketing budget for the rest of the year if you are surprised by the extra costs involved in setting up; planning ahead with the most realistic estimates you can find can help you avoid a nasty shock. realisticmag

Don’t Invest in Promotional Items on Impulse

Having promo items to hand out at a trade show is a nice touch, but if you overinvest in promotional marketing before your exhibitor booth is truly ready, you’ll be missing out. The fancy catalogs and compelling, colorful websites that feature promotional and branded materials are designed to tempt you, and promo pieces do have a place in your marketing strategy, but only when you choose the right pieces at the right time. mommasays

Select items that don’t resonate with your target or that are too bulky to take home on a plane and you’ll be wasting money. Even if you choose the perfect pieces, overspending on promo items could require you to cut corners elsewhere. Avoid ending up with a warehouse full of unwanted t-shirts or pens by carefully considering these points before investing:


  • Is the item relevant and desirable – will recipients actually value it?
  • Can the item be easily shipped or slipped into a carry-on bag?
  • Is the item decent quality (a piece that is flimsy or easily breaks is not a good advertisement for your business)
  • Will your branding information fit and be visible?


Never put money into marketing materials or promotional items before considering these factors and you won’t end up with useless, branded merchandise. For more Info please visit these sites:-

Don’t Overinvest in Technology

A few technical touches are fine, but if you are spending too much money on big screens, interactive devices and high tech toys for your visitors, you’re wasting money. High tech can draw visitors, but the ROI is less than stellar. Challenges with getting tech set up and running and ensuring that visitors can actually access it may also hamper your ability to make a connection – or turn visitors off entirely.

Ready to make the most of your marketing budget? Contact us to learn how great design can help draw customers to your booth and ensure that you are getting the most out of every dollar you invest in your business.


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