Stop Smoking the Easy Way

I know that smokers (like me) are ‘afraid’ to hear the advice, “Stop Smoking” or even to think about it. This is because smoking is a nicotine addiction and becomes a part of our daily existence. Nevertheless many people have succeeded in stopping altogether including myself or cutting down drastically to only 5 cigarettes a day. To help you cut down at least, tennis class Singapore I have drawn a time-table further down.

How or why do we start smoking? Probably when very young to make us appear tough or grown-up or in the case of girls to cut a modern figure, carefree and uninhibited. Some people, mostly women start at a later stage with the notion that smoking might decrease their craving for food thus helping them in their objective to slim or lose weight. I started smoking at the age of 13 or so in Primary school. If I remember well, it was to appear tough and I was helped in no small way by my teachers. At least 3 of them smoked regularly in class and set the example for us students. We all start smoking for a reason, though we may not be conscious of it at the time. Everything we do in life has a reason. We get married for the purpose of raising a family; we go to work to earn a living and we die to make room for others or as religious people believe to start living in another dimension. Whatever the reason for our taking that first drag, most of us wish that we never started. I know I feel like that and almost all the smokers that I know feel that way too.

There is so much awareness nowadays of the dangers of smoking that you start regarding every cigarette that you smoke as a veritable nail in your coffin. Every drag you take makes you feel that you are transgressing against your health and the future of your family. With all the legislation against smoking in public places and whatnot they make you feel guilty and ashamed that you have the habit. We are not allowed to enjoy the pleasure of smoking any more. I remember the last wedding reception that I attended, we had to smoke outside the hotel in the December cold. And what about the airports and during plane flights, hours upon hours without a cigarette! We have been reduced to third-class citizens and we are losing respect fast because even at home we are forced to smoke in balconies or in the back yard.

We need to take steps. And the best decision that we can take here and now is to Stop Smoking. We¬†are in the wrong, healthwise and moneywise. Some 5 years ago I stopped smoking quite easily and with a minimum of effort after I got a teaching job at a Boys’ College, smoke-island a post that I had been aspiring to for years. I wanted to give of my best and to start with I decided that I would not be smoking in front of the boys. I wanted to teach them, not to set them a bad example. My purpose and resolve to teach well took so much precedence in my mind that it choked my need to smoke. I could not believe this ‘miracle’. It was so strange yet true. I used to go for coffee during break with 2 of my colleagues who smoked and who offered me cigarettes but I just said no. Imagine refusing a cigarette after a coffee!

Remember that all our needs originate from our minds. To stop smoking all we need is to have a fixed reason, a better word is purpose perhaps. I just met a friend of mine who had been smoking for 40 years, recently 2 packets a day, who stopped right from the moment that his doctor advised him to. He decided that the purpose of safeguarding his health would be his number one priority and with this in mind he succeeded in stopping there and then. And I know of several cases like this one as I’m sure you do too. But should we let it come to that!

All we need is a good resolution and a real purpose, like saving for something that you have long been wishing for, a new car, a cruise. Do the math and see how much you can save in a year. Perhaps to start with you only want to cut down. Well, if you cut down at least, say from 1 packet to 10 cigarettes a day you’d be saving 2 Euro a day. That’s 15 Euro a week and over 700 Euro a year. Stop smoking to please your wife, your daughter, your son or your girl friend, that’s reason enough.


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