Breast Augmentation – The Healing Signs of the Operation

Breast augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgery procedure that can bring with it a multitude of benefits. It leads to a larger bosom, a more balanced figure, bunnydirectories more self confidence and clothes that fit in a more appealing manner. Before you embark upon this type of surgery it helps to know about what the recovery and recuperation signs of the surgery will be. In this way you will be prepared ahead of time and will not have to cope with any unexpected and upsetting surprises after you have had the operation.

After your breast augmentation your breasts may feel strange to you. They may feel like someone else’s bosom is attached to your body. This is normal and not something to be very concerned about. They may also look unusual once you see them for the first time after you come home. They may feel too hard or feel like they are too high up on your chest. This is not something to worry too much about. These post-op signs should not alarm you. The operation you had was a success but sometimes it takes awhile for the breasts to align themselves properly and to accommodate to your body.

The type of implant you had will affect the firmness of your breasts after the procedure. The placement of it also matters. In other words it makes a difference whether it was placed over the muscle or under the muscle. Be patient as these recovery signs will get better as you allow time to help you heal. It should not take that much time for your breasts to find their natural spot and their natural shape. If your breasts seem to be standing at attention and it bothers you after your breast augmentation then the wrap or compression garment you are expected to wear should help them to find the right place on your chest.

Speaking of a breast compression garment you will have to wear one of these following your augmentation operation. There may be times throughout your recovery and healing period when you will have to come in to have the compression garment tightened. The purpose of this is to reduce the swelling that accompanies this type of surgical procedure. To reduce swelling even further you should consume as little sodium as possible. There are also prescription drugs and alternative therapies that can help you to swell less and therefore decrease your level of discomfort. For more info please visit these sites:-

For some patients’ nausea and/or vomiting is a symptom of recovery. The plastic surgeon will do everything in his professional power to reduce the likelihood of this happening but every patient is different in how they react to the anesthesia and to the breast augmentation in general. If you become nauseous or start to vomit once you return home then call the surgeon’s office right away. If it is mild then it is not a huge worry but if it is severe then the doctor can either write you a prescription or can give you a list of things you can try that can be purchased over-the-counter. If you do not already know crackers are a balm for a stomach that is upset and need to be soothed.


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