The Information Marketing Primer For Helping and Healing Solo-Professionals – Part 10 – Back-End

As a helping and healing solo-professional, you have the expertise to show people how to alleviate their pain and suffering, how to make their relationships better, how to be healthier, how to simplify their lives, primers for sale or how to have a better self-concept and achieve more, to name but a few of the many problems and challenges for which you can provide solutions.

In this series of articles, I have been showing you ways in which you can take your extensive knowledge and expertise and shape it into products and services that go far beyond your direct service hours and have the potential to reach people around the world. With Information Marketing, shooterammunition you can deliver this information 24/7 in formats that are easily accessible and easy to use.

In this article, مجلة المرأة العربية I’ll be discussing how to package your knowledge into information products that have the potential for you to earn more for each product. These are referred to as back-end products…more expensive products that people can buy after they have bought your less expensive products.

An easy way to start producing these back-end products is to couple an audio product with a workbook or E-book. Information products that are in multi-media format sell well. When you are starting out, fishing blog you may want to do all your products strictly in digital format. Later on – when you are more experienced – you could produce actual hard copy products (CD’s and a binder with the printed book or workbook) that are mailed to the clients home by a fulfillment house.

I haven’t mentioned in this series about creating video as an information product. Video is a little trickier and time consuming to produce than audio…if you haven’t yet filmed and edited video, the learning curve may be a little steeper. But if you are adept, then absolutely, either do video and written material together or combine all three…written, Natural cure audio and video…to create an excellent information product.

Just a couple caveats about doing strictly digital products:

These are products that can be downloaded from links you will provide for your customers. People have been known to download the information and then turn around and immediately ask for a refund. Not very nice, I know…but it happens. When you produce hard copies that are shipped to the customers, the return rates on these are far less. (Be sure to include places for people to write notes and write out some exercises – once they have written in the workbook or book, the product cannot be returned.)

The chances are greater that with strictly digital products, the down loaded information will be shared with others. Though there are programs that will create password protected information, Peshawari Chappal it’s easier to accept that a small percentage of people will share your information despite your copyright.

There are two ways to approach creating your back-end product:

Either create components of the back-end product individually and start selling it individually – i.e. do an audio first and offer it for sale, then do a workbook and offer it for sale, then offer the two together at a “special price” that is slightly less than the price of the two combined. Before you know it, you’ve created a System that can be marketed building block by building block or as an entire program.

Or plan a “system” right from the start and launch it when all the pieces of the system have been completed.

Here are two examples of how a helping or healing solo-professional could produce a back-end information product.

Let’s say you’re a fitness instructor. A back-end product you could create would include a guide – E-Book or hard copy – on easy stretches people could do at home complete with digital pictures taken of you doing the stretches. You could immediately begin to market the guide with the digital photos as soon as it is done. You could then produce a video of you performing the stretches. Once you produce the video, you could offer it separately or you could offer the two products together.

If you have an entire system in mind, in addition to the stretching exercises product, you could then go on to a guide and video about resistance exercises, or weight bearing exercises, etc. And perhaps you could even do an audio CD of ways to stay motivated or of visualization exercises. You could also include a journal to keep track of the customer’s progress (one digital journal page that they could print out and put in a binder of their own).

At some point, you may want to create the whole product in hard copy…audio, video, guide and journal.

Let’s say you are a family therapist who works with parents. When you think about it, you really have a wealth of information you could produce since parents encounter challenges from their child’s infancy through adolescence. The number of products you could produce is extensive.

One back-end product you could produce could be “The Couple’s Guide to Staying Happy and Sane While Raising Your Kids”. You could hold a teleseminar, the topic of which could be how to avoid marital stress once the children are born and all along the way as they mature. This could be a free teleseminar that you record and use in the back-end product (or you can charge for the satta king 2023 teleseminar and also add it to the back-end product). You could include a guide to common sense parenting tips. You could have an additional guide on mistakes parents make and how to avoid them. You could have a checklist of “Things to Do to Keep Your Marriage Thriving.”

Keep your back-end products user friendly and interactive. And as always, at the end, give your customers the next thing they can do, e.g., crypto investor sign up for even a bigger back-end like a virtual master-mind coaching program or a membership program which I will talk about in the advanced strategies installment.


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