Modern Warfare 2 – Just When You Thought You Played it All!

You would definitely enjoy your experience with the Blockbuster sequel of Call of Duty thanks to its addictive multiplayer modes and excellent, mostori thrill seeking graphics. The added advantage of the addictive online multiplayer game, with a host of new unlock-able perks keeps the players motivated into playing the game.

The refinement punch of Modern Warfare 2 includes truly memorable set pieces, exciting campaigns, and an addictive MMORPG inspired multiplayer that keeps you floored. The innovative multiplayer meta game and the collecting experience in the game play, akunprothailand unlocking new perks and guns by graduating each level and earning bonuses on the way by completing difficult challenges in the game takes you on the route to emerge out a winner in the end.

The players get the chance to unlock useful attachments while facing weapon specific challenges and through this the players get an advantage to enhance their avatar and increase speed and use more ammunition. The game players get a chance to pursue long term goals between matches through RPG mechanics. And the player also gets to experience the endless mutations of the combat style through the option of extensive customization. This is the main reason of the increasing popularity of the Modern Warfare 2 game. For more info please visit these sites:-

Plus the lock on rocket launchers gives you a crucial counter balance for the killstreak rewards and to satisfy the player’s high skill requirements the advanced killstreaks are equipped with flares that can help to deliver the innovative rockets of the enemies. And these mechanics adds an interesting layer of strategy to the killstreaks in the Modern Warfare 2 game.

The players in the game can only hold one grenade at a time and the grenade slot is renamed as equipment. The introduction of new secondary weapon types that are innovative pistol and rocket launchers gives the players the chance to be more experimental with their choice of weapons. The sub machine guns have a thumper to clear out rooms while snipers can take aim with TMP machine pistol.


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